Quality over Quantity

Based in a little studio in Bristol, Lara creates One-of-a-kind, contemporary jewellery that is made in small batches entirely by hand using traditional jewellery making techniques and recycled silver. Meticulously designed, crafted and made with upmost care.

Each piece is unique using recycled silver, gemstones that are sourced from reputable suppliers, and every piece is lovingly wrapped using sustainable materials where possible.

Obsessed with the art of creating, and inspired by patterns and textures found in nature and everyday objects, Lara works to create beautiful and unique pieces that capture reflections of light through a combination of textures, angles and colours.

Meet The Maker

Lara was inspired to start her silversmithing journey over 6 years ago in South America, when she came across a little workshop on the side of one of the many "cerros" in Valparaiso, Chile where she encountered a local silversmith. Wholly engrossed in her work and surrounded by an eclectic collection of tools, Lara watched in awe at the artisan's focused and meditative process - and the inspiration to make jewellery was born.

In 2018, a year after returning from her travels Lara decided to enrol into a local class and - voila - the fire began!

5 years later, Lara has forged her path predominantly through self-guided exploration, and works from her own studio in Offbeat Spaces, Bristol. A pandemic, a cost of living crisis and two redundancies later, Lara has began to work towards independence, striving to design new pieces and embrace her creative side.

In addition to her online presence, Lara's jewellery is showcased in various shops and markets in and around Bristol, including Artigo, Craft and Flea, Tobacco Factory and Stroud Farmers market. You can also find her work on the Bristol Makets Directory. Check out her Instagram for regular updates.

For bespoke creations, inquiries are warmly welcomed to urracastudios@gmail.com. Whether it's a custom piece you're envisioning or a simple desire to connect, don't hesitate to reach out.

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