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Urraca Studios

Satin Sterling Silver Hoop Pendant with Lines

Satin Sterling Silver Hoop Pendant with Lines

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A sterling silver large hoop pendant with random lines engraved onto both sides of the pendant and finished with a satin polish. Handmade with recycled silver, this pendant is unique in its look, and each piece is different as has been hand-engraved. Quite the contemporary statement to go with your everyday look.

Please note - Each pendant is unique and will differ slightly from the piece pictured.

The pendant hangs on an 18" long sterling silver trace chain.


Please take care when wearing, certain finishes on the metal can burnish easily and certain gemstones are quite soft so can crack and damage easily – remember to take off any jewellery (such as rings) when doing any manual work or cleaning - including washing the dishes!


To clean your jewellery, use warm soapy water with a polishing cloth - never use any material or cloth that’s abrasive (such as a sponge).

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