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Lazos - Tiger Iron Ring

Lazos - Tiger Iron Ring

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A striking oval-shaped Tiger's Iron stone encased in a border bezel and situated on a slim sterling silver band. This handmade ring was made using recycled sterling silver. Tigers Iron, also known as Tigereye Matrix, is a stone with the composition of golden tiger eye, grey metallic hematite, and vivid red Jasper - knots running vertically and intertwining with one another to make this gorgeous combination of colours. This particular stone flashes yellow-gold colours in the sun, and is a real show-stopper! Tiger's Eye is considered by some to have grounding and healing properties.

Size - O

All the gemstones that are sourced are natural and cut by hand so may have some inclusions, natural fractures or variations in colour and shape - These features add to the authenticity of each piece, giving a unique and organic look.


Please take care when wearing, certain finishes on the metal can burnish easily and certain gemstones are quite soft so can crack and damage easily – remember to take off any jewellery (such as rings) when doing any manual work or cleaning - including washing the dishes!


To clean your jewellery, use warm soapy water with a polishing cloth - never use any material or cloth that’s abrasive (such as a sponge).

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